BluePotion Games Co., Ltd

Identity / Vision


Development/Publishing Company

Just like everyone thinks of Potions

when playing MMORPG, BluePotion Games strives to be a Game Development Company

that comes to mind when thinking of MMORPGs.


Currently our company is working on the development of an MMORPG based on the <EOS> and Mr.Blue Corporation comic IPs.

Development and Business
Development and Business
IP Business.
Game development based on comic IPs



2016. 04

Acquisition of <EOS> IP and Development Team from Nvius

2016. 10

<EOS> Release in South Korea (Kakao Games)


2017. 05

<EOS> Release in Turkey & 20 MENA countries

2017. 09

<EOS RED> Development Team Establishment

2017. 10

<EOS> Release in 20 NA/EU countries. (Gamigo)


2018. 04

战神之路 (Chinese Branding for EOS) Release in China (Hoga Information)

2018. 06

<EOS> Selected as Korea Creative Content Agency's 2018 Global Support Project.

2018. 10

BluePotion Games Co., Ltd Established as a Subsidiary of Mr.Blue Corporation

2018. 11

<EOS> Publishing Agreement with Cayenne Tech for Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao

2018. 12

<EOS> Global Service Release on Steam


2019. 03

靈魂之聲 (Taiwan Branding for EOS) Release in Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao (Cayenne Tech)


<EOS RED> Selected as Korea Creative Content Agency's 2019 Next Generation Game Contents Develop Support Project

2019. 06

<EOS RED> Media Showcase / Pre-registration started (Korea)

2019. 07

<EOS RED> Closed Beta Test (Korea)


  • Dungeon-based, User-interactive MMORPG
  • Since its launch in Korea in 2013, we currently have retained more than 400 users worldwide through foreign region services and global self-service
  • Rebirth as a Mobile MMORPG based on the IP, resources and know-how of EOS
  • Focus on authentic MMORPG fun. Free Economic System / Enhanced PK System
  • Considering global market, small client size / low spec device support
  • Grand Open launch in Q3 2019 (Korea)


5F, 5, Teheran-ro 44-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea